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Throughout the world for countless centuries buildings have been constructed using bricks and mortar. But all that is changing. Modern methods of construction (MMC) build better, faster, cheaper and with better green credentials than ever before. Soon, all buildings will be built this way.

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Environmental impact

Our frame is made of precision manufactured steel. It creates less waste, emits less construction noise and uses less energy.

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Great house or apartment types with complete flexibility

Great house or

apartment types with

complete flexibility

Our modular system allows us to design exactly the homes you want tailored to your specification.

What we do

Higher technical performance

Efficient, warmer, quieter homes with optimised living space.

Modern methods
of construction

Modern methods

of construction

Our precision manufactured steel frame system allows for automotive type precision to be introduced into housebuilding.

How we do it

Steel is superior to timber

Steel is stronger, greener, more dimensionally stable, creates less waste and will not burn, shrink, creep, or rot.

“If the Government is to have any chance of meeting its target of 300,000 new homes a year it cannot simply rely on traditional methods of construction. They must make a serious effort to support the use of new and emerging technologies that have the potential to have a transformative impact on the speed, cost and quality of home building. This is not simply about shifting production away from the building site and into factories. It is about seizing opportunities that modern technologies allow, whether it be precision manufacturing, use of new materials or digital working.”

Clive Betts MP – Chair of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee, said on the launch of Select Committee’s Modular Housing Report 03.07.2019